J.R. Sharan – Director (Media)


J.R. Sharan joins AdwaitPR with a decade of diverse public Relations, management & Journalism experience in India.

Sharan has seen the disruption and new opportunities that the internet has brought to public relations first – hand since he joined the industry from 1991. having started his career in journalism from Mumbai and years of experience of interaction and networking with TV Channels, Newspapers, Corporate Sr. Management , liaise with Government, pitch and facilitate student placement.

Over two decade experience as a business journalist involved in Business Reporting, including covering Delhi Stock Exchange, Corporate houses and Finance Ministry. Also appeared on various National TV channels as panelist on Agriculture, Business, Economics and Education related issues on DD, Lok Sabha TV, NDTV, Madhu Newsline etc.

Under Sharan‟s Leadership, AdwaitPR is going to new heights of PR Industry. last but not the least Sharan has 22 year track record of developing game changing brand marketing and public relations ideas that create a lasting impact. At work as in life Sharan is passionate in everything he does, with a good written and communication skills, creative, flexible and willing to learn he likes to explore new things. He has experience with start-up organizations and a deep knowledge of what is required to grow and scale over a company lifetime.

His proven track record of leadership and vision has led to remarkable growth and improved functionality in each company he has been a part of.