Shweta Founder & CEO India

Shweta Photo

AdwaitPR was founded by a women instilled with the entrepreneurial spirit from early age. As a new generation business owner, Shweta has made a career of walking the cutting edge with a graceful ease that‟s been passed down from the previous generation. While her father built businesses to generate them security, Shweta has ventured beyond to help establish an entire PR Industry.

From the very first stage of starting her own Company Shweta intended and planned to have a different kind of Company which is not only a full house PR Agency but the unique in India with the international culture of Work ethics, and creativity factor of course. With the mission of beginning a dedicated Public Relations Services firm in India.

As Still PR is the most undervalued and underutilized Marketing Tactics, just because most of the people are still not aware about what PR is. As India is a huge untapped Market potential, she knew that there is huge gap of Communication tactics between brands and customer‟s except advertising, hoardings, TV‟s, etc. etc. The right information and knowledge has to be reached to potential and needed customers which is possible through proper PR Strategy. In this AdwaitPR is skilled with experience and talented teams from different sectors. She wanted AdwaitPR to offer our clients publicity campaigns that are purposefully balanced and centered.

So she Founded AdwaitPR in 2015 where the PR industry has reached to a place where Public relation services have emerged as an important subset of marketing communication in India. A highly skilled and talented expert at public Relations, with more than five years of demonstrated success in improving the brand image of the firm, accomplished through planning, designing and implementing strategies, initiatives, creative campaigns and PR events.

Her ambitious and proactive personality has fueled her proven track record of success. Her passion for communications industry has helped her take brands Aditya Fuels Ltd a leading LPG Company in India. her for focus lies in crafting integrated, insight-led creative campaigns, advising clients on communication strategy and helping businesses engage across stakeholder groups and influencers to best effect. She is responsible for the day-to-day running of the business as well as client relationship management and nurturing the agency‟s most important asset: AdwaitPR team.